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E.L.F. Studio Blush in Tickled Pink £3.75

Oh, blushes. I have recently gotten this urge to buy more blushes because it's so pretty with a little color on the cheeks. This blush from E.L.F. Cosmetics has been in my makeup bag for a while now. It's a really pretty pink color that even looks a little peachy on the cheeks, nothing wrong with that.. This blush is matte and has no shimmer to it which is good. These have great pigmentation and come in a great variation of colors - I'd love to buy more of them. I can't say I'm anything other than satisfied with this blush. If you want a cheap, great blush you should definitely try one of these blushes.

Actually I have a new blush from the E.L.F. Studio Line that came in the mail - Candid Coral. Oh I've wanted that blush for so long now. My sister and I ordered last week when they had free shipping for 24 hours. So I will have a few new goodies to try out for you guys.

Have you tried the E.L.F. Studio Blushes? Which shade do you like the most? Every single shade looks gorgeous, it's a hard pick!


My mom bought this when we were on a family vacation in Berlin, I remember it was at the Alexa shopping center. So my mom was a big bather and so am I. It's so relaxing to sit down in a warm bath with a great smelling bath product. This bath foam from Wu Wei is, and I quote - "Enriched with calming White Lotus and Green Tea, the symbols of purity and spiritual growth". Well doesn't that sound good? The bottle has lasted many baths and there is a lot left which is great. It says one bottle will last for 10 baths, but I'd say it last for even more of course depending that you don't pour the whole bottle down in one bath. The smell is lovely and you feel fresh and clean after a bath with this. Great choice mom!


Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Spf 15 in Blondie £12.49

This powder foundations was my one and only face product for a great amount of time. I really like this because it did cover what needed to be covered. It could be applied on redness to make it disappear and it made the tone of the face more even. I also used the powder on break outs because I felt it gave enough coverage and took away the redness of it. It did make my face dry at some point but it was usually solved with some moisturizer. 

The shade Blondie is fairly light with a yellow tone to it. If I would to be repurchasing it, which I am considering, I would probably choose another shade for me because the yellow tone of it just made my face look more yellow. Since my face has a yellow undertone to it I would probably end up buying a pink toned shade to even out the tone of my face. Overall this a great powder foundation with great coverage - just google it and you'll find some with and without pictures that really shows how much it covers. Have you ever tried Lily Lolos powder foundation? Tell me what you think!


The Body Shop Body Mist in Vanilla

In the search of a vanilla scented perfume I stumbled upon the body mist from The Body Shop and had to buy it. This is the perfect vanilla scent, all the other ones I tried had the smell of alcohol in them and I didn't really like that. Although I know they would probably last longer, smell wise. But this one smelled sweet like vanilla and I love it so much.

As you can see this is the old plastic bottle, bought before the new lovely body mists were released. This mist has lasted a long time which I always love - even though I'm down to half the bottle. Since it comes in a plastic bottle it's great to put in your bag without having to worry about breaking any glass bottles. I wouldn't risk putting one of my new body mists in a bag, sometimes I throw my bags around too much and if there was to be a glass bottle in there it would be a sweet smelling mess. So no thanks. 

All I can say is that this is a lovely perfume/body mist thats smells all sweet and yummy. I really can't get enough of Body Shops body mists - they smell fabulous. My boyfriend thinks they smell yummy too :-)


E.L.F. Studio Bronzer in Warm £3.75

This easypeasy bronzer palette from E.L.F. has everything you need to highlight your face - for an everyday look or an evening look. The darkest shade of brown I use for creating shadows in my face, the lighter brown and the beige tone blended together for the rest of the face and last the gorgeous peachy pink blush for the cheeks. The blush is lovelaayy.
It has become one of my favorite products from E.L.F. Cosmetics I must say. It's a very versatile bronzer palette that is easy and great to work with when you're highlighting your face. When I first bought this I didn't use it that much because I didn't know how to highlight my face. Now that I do - after watching several highlighting tutorials on YouTube.. I sort of want to do it all the time because it can make your face look totally different. In a good way because it enhances your features. I really like this palette and I would definitely repurchase it a second time.

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MAC Velvet Eyeshadow in Vanilla $15

My one and only MAC eyeshadow - Vanilla. This is a lovely light shade that really reminds me of vanilla. The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is great, which doesn't come as a surprise since MAC is a great makeup brand. It's a good shade for a light base or for a bright and fresh look, I love using it. If one only had the wallet to suit the prices of MAC makeup. Well not as a student, sadly.. Anyway, please tell me about your favorite MAC eyeshadow. I'd really like to check them out :-)


One of my consistent favorite product from The Body Shop has been the body butter. They come in great variation of scents and they are all so fruity and fresh. I love the new labels of each product - it looks much better actually. This product contains Shea butter which is great for the skin. It doesn't become a sticky mess when you put it on your body, which is what i prefer. I hate when I put on lotion or body butter and it gets all sticky so that everything sticks to you. You're supposed to feel fresh and clean, not like you got a new fur because your pets leave hair everywhere. But this one melts into the body pretty quick so luckily I don't usually get a bunch of things sticking to me. As always when I write about Body Shop products I rave about the scent. Ah, the main reason why I buy their products. Fruitilicious smells. The satsuma smell is citrusy and fresh, love it. If I could I would buy every single one of them, but that would be a little over the top maybe. Or maybe not. *dreams*


I threw this in the basket while I was hunting after the Ben Nye luxury powder, I might as well try I thought. Ben Nye is a well known makeup brand in the theatre world and the products are said to have a great staying power. Which is necessary of course if you're going to be on stage acting, moving and sweating. So I thought I would give this a go since it was only $6. I was satisfied with the color I chose, it brightens really well and I use this under my eye to conceal as well as get a lighter tone. 

So far I've only tried it a couple of times but the main negative thing about this product is that it sticks in the fine lines under your eyes which isn't pretty. I usually don't have a problem with this but with this product I do, maybe because it's creamier than other concealers I've used under my eye area. 

The package is a bit childish.. I don't know. I don't really like it, but hey it's for theatre makeup. But the color was great and it conceals well. The only thing is that it is a bit too creamy for me, it feels like it's going to come off my face really easy. So I always make sure I set it with powder. I got this from Star Costumes, there is a link above. The shipping was only $4.95 to Sweden which was the cheapest alternative I could find. I found the package with my well packed products about 1,5 week later so I couldn't be more happier. Soon I will post a review on the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Buff, stay tuned.


Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter $14

The product description is the following - "Create soft, glossy and tangle-free hair using a luxuriously rich and intensive deep-conditioning treatment without silicones, sulphates, parabens or colorants. With pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and Community Trade honey and olive oil." which is quite exactly what this product does. After using this the first time my hair felt really soft and I'm happy with this product. I also got this as a Christmas present and I think it will do wonders as my hair tends to get a bit dry and tangled. This product has a sweet smell to it which I like. It is of course a big plus that it contains good and natural ingredients - that usually what I aim for when choosing a product. Nothing negative to say about this one!


After I first laid my eyes on this I fell in love, especially with the pink color. These tree colors are great for everyday use and it's a great palette because you can really create different looks with only tree colors. Wet n Wild have really pigmented eye shadows so these were definitely no disappointment. All the colors look lovely and as I stated above I really like the pink one, a sort of romantic blushy pink. The brown and the white one looks gorgeous as well. 

It's a small mini palette that is really cute and it comes with one applicator and a mini brush. I usually just use the applicator, the brush seems to have hairs coming off every time I use it which is a bit annoying.

The trio eye shadows are usually very cheap for such pigmented colors, but oh no, over in Sweden we triple the price. Heck yes. Lucky me I got this from my friend Tomi as a Christmas present after I'd happily stated that they sold Wet n Wild products where he worked. It's quite hard to find Wet n Wild products in Sweden, it hasn't really gotten here yet. That's why I was so happy that I found a reseller so close to where I live (which is out in nowhere). 

Overall I'm very happy about this small eyeshadow palette and I'd really wish to try out some other ones in the future.


The name - Juiced Berry - really describes the wonderful scent that this lip gloss has. It smells fruity and great and it's one of the things I like about this gloss. The color is nice although it gives a very slight hint of color, barely showing at all (on my lips, that is). It looks exactly like it does on the website which is a really good thing. It's always a relief when you know the color showing is the actual color you're gonna get. It feels a bit sticky on the lips, but it stays on for quite a while. The smell is a big plus for me.


This is my one and only blush from Make Up Store and it is in the shade Peach. It's a gorgeous peachy coral shade, you can see that I've used it much (I almost never get down to the bottom - don't know why not). I love all their blushes, they have so many great shades and they are very pigmented. It blends in well, you only need a little bit of product on your brush to get results and it isn't drying the skin, though you can see that it does get a bit powdery. This may just be my blush brush, maybe, maybe not. It easily stays on for hours and I couldn't be anything else than happy about this peachy blush. The package is nice and sleek, just the way I like it. If I weren't a poor student at the moment I would definitely buy more makeup from MUS.


I received this product as a Christmas present - I almost got the whole line of products in the satsuma scent. First of all the scent is lovely, it smells super fresh and fruity. This is probably my favorite thing about the Body Shop, the amazing smell of their products. Well, this oil is lovely. It leaves the skin smooth and not oily at all. As it says: It moisturises, smoothes and illuminates. I use this after showering, not every day though, but when I feel dry och in need of a skin boost. The smell makes you feel fresh!


This powder was one of the first things I got from E.L.F. It was before they decided to raise their prices and since it didn't cost as much I wanted to try it out. I got the powder in the shade Sand, but I have realized that this was not the right shade for me. It gives me a really yellow tone when I apply it over my face. It probably would have been more suitable for me to pick the shade Porcelain instead (boohoo, why?). I don't know why but I always tell myself I'm not that fair skinned when I clearly am. I need some sun.

The coverage is okay, it gives the face a matte look although it doesn't last very long. That's the negative part. Since I got it I've used it as an everyday powder because it has a light coverage and doesn't give a too heavy look. I can't put on too much because then my face will look yellow - next time I'll choose my shade wiser. Fact is I've repurchased it a second time because my sister was ordering from E.L.F. a while ago. Overall it's a good powder, but it doesn't last very long.


The last few months I have only been going for the same mascara every time. So I thought I would change it up a bit and try a new mascara. I choose the NYX Doll Eye which I have been eager to try ever since I first read about it. Because it's quite hard getting your hands on NYX products for a reasonable price here in Sweden I decided to go on eBay to see what i could find. I ended up the mascara for about $11 including shipping which I think is okay comparing with the original price NYX put on their website.

Moving on to how the mascara was.. I really liked it actually. The brush is super easy to work with as you can reach all hard to reach spots. I mean, at first the brush looked kind of weird shaped and I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But it really is a good shape I have now noticed. It makes my lashes look really long, black and thin. I don't like it when my lashes look thick and clumpy so this mascara worked really well for me. The only negative thing about this mascara is that it sort of crumbles a bit sometimes. It isn't waterproof so it's not suuper lasting. Overall I don't have much to complain about, this is a great mascara and I would repurchase this a second time.


This lovely blush is from Makeup Academy and is a mix of four shades. If you mix all four shades together you get a very light pink blush that blends in with the skin very nicely. I actually really like this blush. I got this when MUA had their 40% facebook offer, so it was super cheap. It's still very cheap for such a lovely blush. It stays on for a long time and gives a nice shimmery affect. You can choose to not blend all the four shades and instead just blend the darker shades - red, brown and purple. Then you'll get a bit darker shade. But the mix of all four is a really pretty blushing pink. If you want me to show how it looks on the cheeks I will. Just leave a comment down below and I will do a swatch for you.


One of my two lipsticks from E.L.F.s Essential line. This is in Sociable and it is a bright colorful pink shade that I think is very fab. One thing I've noticed is that the essential lipsticks almost comes on better on my (dry) lips. The mineral lipsticks always enhances the dry flakes on my lips, that sometimes aren't even visible until i put the mineral lipsticks on. Like boom, flaky lips. That's why I am really wanting more shades in these lipsticks - nostalgic seems like a great nude shade. A big plus is that they are so cheap, but the negative part is the packaging. It's not very pretty. Note: I have no makeup on on this picture, except for the lipstick of course.


 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black $4

I got this from eBay for $4 which is a great price for this mascara since it retails for $16 in Sweden - it's kind of a ridiculously high price. The mascara has gotten new labels since I last purchased it and I think it looks really good. It's kind of cool with the color blocking of pink and green.

So.. I've owned this mascara before and I actually thought it was a really great and cheap mascara for everyday use. It gives a good black color, volume and no clumps which is neat. I like my lashes to be really thin, long and black. And this mascara does it pretty well I think. Con: The mascara tends to get a little flakey during the day if you touch your eye-area a lot. Otherwise it's stays on well during the day. I wish it was waterproof, though.


I got these when I was first starting to get interested in trying lipsticks. Since I really hadn't tried lipsticks before I wasn't sure which shades where suitable for me - that's why I decided to order lipsticks from E.L.F. because they had a good variation of shades for a low price so I could try a few ones out. When I ordered though, I think they were half the price. These lipsticks are creamy but they still stay on the lips for a couple of hours and the come in a range of 18 colors.

On to the shades - the first mineral lipstick I got is in the shade Rosy Raisin which is a lovely red color, very warm toned with a little slight of shimmer in it. This shade suit my original color quite well, although that wasn't what I was going for. But it has grown on me and now I like the shade, it evens out my lip color and gives it a slight hint of more red toned lips.

The second shade is Natural Nymph which is a nude color that I actually like very much. My love for nude lipsticks only grows each day. I was afraid it would look straight up concealer-looking, but it didn't. It has a discreet pinkish undertone to it and when I use it I usually just dab it on to just brighten up the lips. I also like using it when I'm going out and I wear heavier eye makeup. It gives a great look. The one negative thing I find about these lipsticks is that they're hard to get an even color with on the lips. This may just be on my dry lips, though.


My name is Malin and I live in Sweden. I spend my days living at home with my dad, having fun with my two lovely sisters and my friends, missing my beloved mom who passed away two years ago (love her so much), getting cozy with my awesome boyfriend and studying at the university. In my spare time I also like to experiment with makeup and beauty - which you probably will notice when you read my blog.

I spend a lot of time looking for products that I like, watching tutorials and I love playing around with things like this. My collection of makeup and beauty products is currently getting too big but that doesn't stop me from trying new things. Photographing has been my passion for the past years and I try to incorporate this into my beauty blog to get good looking pictures of each product that I present. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you will continue to check in once in a while.

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