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Last week me and my boyfriend spent the whole weekend in Copenhagen and I of course had to visit the mac department in the Magasin mall. After looking a little while I asked one of the MUA's to help and match me to a shade, and she chose C2. I'm not at all familiar with the mac products really. I bought it, but when I came home from Copenhagen I was scared when I realized that this might be too dark and yellow for me. So I didn't open this for several days and kept looking for reviews and swatches. Thank god this is a very sheer foundation and the color really blend well with the skin. So don't be scared if you happen too choose a shade darker or lighter. This color actually worked well for me, I have a yellow undertone to my skin but I'm still pretty pale. I love that this foundation gives a lighter coverage, it really feels light on the face and you almost forget that you're wearing foundation all over the face. This isn't a matte foundation so it gives a really dewy finish, which I like. It makes the face look fresh and natural. The coverage is build able and you can keep adding layers without it looking cakey. So you can really choose for yourself. This contains 120 ml so it'll probably last for a good while. Light yet build able coverage, dewy finish, I like it!


I've been craving the Real Techniques brushes for a long while now and last week I decided to order them from iHerb. They have been raved about in the blog-world and they seemed really good, I also have been watching a lot of videos on the YouTube-channel Pixiwoo where the creator of these brushes, Samantha Chapman - along with her sister, posts great makeup tutorials. I was in definite need of new makeup brushes, my old ones weren't that good. So I've been checking the mailbox frequently this week just waiting for my new brushes to arrive, so I could try them out with my new foundation as well. Today the package arrived and I tried them out instantly.

The brushes are first of all, so soft. I tried them all out and I found good use for each and every one. A lot of people don't like the pointed foundation brush, but I find it works great to apply concealer around the eyes because of the pointed tip. The buffing brush was so soft on the face when I applied my foundation. I felt you could really blend the foundation well and use the brush in different ways, and you also got great coverage. The contour brush will be great for applying blush and bronzer because of the shape of it, you can either use the tip or the sides. I used the detailer brush to apply concealer on red marks and when I first used the brush it picked up a lot of concealer, even though the gentle stroke. It's a small and compact brush, great for detailing. I also decided to buy the stippling brush because what the heck. I tried it on my Illamasqua cream pigment and it picked up a lot of product. I'm not used to using a brush when applying creamy products so I wasn't very gentle, that's probably why it picked up so much product. A little is enough, now I know. I will also want to try applying my foundation with this brush after I've heard it's great for lighter coverage. Overall I am very pleased with these brushes, I'm so happy I got them. I probably won't be needing to purchase makeup brushes in a while now.

If you would like to order from iHerb use this code: CJN164 to get a discount on your first order.


The Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen is a well spoken of diversity product in the blogworld. It goes well on eyelids, cheeks and lips. A lovely peachy pink color that I think suit a lot of people. I really like the shade and I know that I'm going to use this much on both lips and cheeks. Maybe I'll try it on the lids as well. Illamasqua's product aren't cheap, but I think this will last me a while so it'll be worth it. It goes really nice on the lips and stays on for a while. I really recommend trying this little thingy.


After trying a few new mascaras, I now end up coming back to Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express Mascara. Years ago this was the only mascara I used, but since then a few mascaras has come in between. But none of them worked as well for me as this one. My lashes become so long with this mascara and also stay that way, which is important. I use the waterproof one because I personally think it stays on better and keeps my lashes more bended. I'm so glad I ordered this again, I've missed it. This only costs £5.71 at


I received a little parcel in the mail a few days ago containing another body mist from Victoria's Secret. I've really fallen in love with these, in no time at all I went from owning zero to four. This lovely mist is in Lemon Escape and smells sweet. I read in Musings of a Muse's review of this that it had a "sugary cakey scent" which pretty much sums up the scent. Really!


I bought these two luscious lip butter from Nivea once I found out they were sold where I work. I saw them on a few blogs a few days earlier and instantly wanted them. They smell so good, especially the raspberry one. And they come in cute little round packages. Yum!


Mac is a great makeup brand, we all know that. We all know the makeup costs more. When you're a struggling student you don't get much money left over to spend on makeup even though you really want to. But when summer arrives it's time to work and earn money, also celebrate my birthday, woohoo. I got my first ever Mac product for my birthday, a pretty pretty lipstick. It's a Cremesheen lipstick, which seems to be the range that people like the most from Mac's lipstick collection so it felt like a safe pick. I got it in the shade Pure Zen, after hearing ThePersianBabe talk about it on her YouTube-channel. It's a really pretty nude pink shade with a bit of a glossy finish - but it stills sticks to the lips for a long time and isn't that sticky. I love this lipstick, really much. Now I feel like I have to expand my Mac makeup. Their makeup have such good quality and loads of different shades which is fun. I will definitely have to buy more from Mac in the near future.


Oh love! I've been wanting to try the body mists from Victoria's Secret and a few days ago it was time for my birthday. I wished for these and also got them. And oh my god, I love them. They seriously smell so good. There are so many different scents, it was really hard choosing because I sort of wanted them all. It was also hard choosing because you couldn't really smell them first, so it was kind of risky business. I ended up getting Coconut Passion, Love Spell and Strawberries & Champagne. All three really hit the spot, they smell amazing. My favorite has to be Love Spell since it has a lovely scent of peach!


It's here, it's finally here. My order from was in the mailbox when I came home. I've been checking the mail early every day. That's what you do when you're waiting for a package to arrive - monitor the mailbox. This is one of the two lip products I ordered: The Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer. I've read about it so much and I always thought it was so pretty. A few days ago I decided that I need to try this one out and I'm glad I did. Such a perfect, pretty nude color with a hint of pink/peachy undertones so that it doesn't look like concealer. This also fits my lips very well, lipsticks tend to enhance my flaky lips which does not look well. But the lip lacquer does not make my lips look more flaky - which is a big plus + It doesn't feel sticky and stays on the lips for a good while. I really like this and I'm thinking about trying "Luna" as well. Do you own any of Rimmel's lip lacquers?


Last week I ordered two new lip products which I felt desperate to try. First was the Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen, such a lovely color and I've seen people talk on and on about it on blogs. A tad bit pricy, but I wanted it so bad. Next was the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Nude Eclipse. Funny enough, at first I was certain I was going to order it in the color Luna but after seeing swatches of it I was afraid it was going to be to bold and coral-looking. Oh the importance of swatches, I wanted a cute peachy color that was kind of neutral. But I ended up getting Nude Eclipse and I'm happyyy about that. Last is the Mac Creme Sheen lipstick in Pure Zen. I've felt like trying Mac lipstick more and more lately and it was time. My birthday was coming up, perfectly enough, so I decided to wish for Pure Zen after hearing ThePersianBabe talk about it on her YouTube-channel. You will all be hearing about these three lippies in reviews soon. Keep a lookout on my blog!


Weeks ago I snatched an offer at Body Shop where you got to choose one 50 ml body butter in a range of scents. Chocomania was my given choice as I wanted to try a new one and the fact that I love chocolate. I love these body butters and I wish I could own them all, but that would be a little over excessive.


Lately I've been enjoying summer fruits as a part of my breakfast. Sour milk, granola, nectarines, shredded coconut and syrup makes a perfect breakfast.


Bought this top a few days ago at Vero Moda. The pattern makes me think of autumn and I think I will be wearing it a lot when the season changes. I really like the rolled up sleeves.


For a long time I have been wanting to try the Batiste Dry Schampoo after hearing people rave about it. A few weeks ago I finally got my hands on it at a low price food store for about 3£ which is half the price of what it usually costs in regular stores. The cheap price was a big plus, but this really is a great product and I could easily pay full price for this.

You just spray some in your hair and then massage through with your fingers. The difference will be noticeable - first time I sprayed it in my hair it was really looking dull after not being washed for a few days and it instantly looked better. Imagine what hair looks like the day after you washed it. My hair simply felt lighter.

I really like the smell of this as well, the coconut smell is so good. My sister has the cherry scented one and that one doesn't smell bad either. If you're tired of constantly needing to wash your hair to keep it from looking dull or just want to freshen up the look of your hair - this is a lovely product.