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This powder was one of the first things I got from E.L.F. It was before they decided to raise their prices and since it didn't cost as much I wanted to try it out. I got the powder in the shade Sand, but I have realized that this was not the right shade for me. It gives me a really yellow tone when I apply it over my face. It probably would have been more suitable for me to pick the shade Porcelain instead (boohoo, why?). I don't know why but I always tell myself I'm not that fair skinned when I clearly am. I need some sun.

The coverage is okay, it gives the face a matte look although it doesn't last very long. That's the negative part. Since I got it I've used it as an everyday powder because it has a light coverage and doesn't give a too heavy look. I can't put on too much because then my face will look yellow - next time I'll choose my shade wiser. Fact is I've repurchased it a second time because my sister was ordering from E.L.F. a while ago. Overall it's a good powder, but it doesn't last very long.