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Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Spf 15 in Blondie £12.49

This powder foundations was my one and only face product for a great amount of time. I really like this because it did cover what needed to be covered. It could be applied on redness to make it disappear and it made the tone of the face more even. I also used the powder on break outs because I felt it gave enough coverage and took away the redness of it. It did make my face dry at some point but it was usually solved with some moisturizer. 

The shade Blondie is fairly light with a yellow tone to it. If I would to be repurchasing it, which I am considering, I would probably choose another shade for me because the yellow tone of it just made my face look more yellow. Since my face has a yellow undertone to it I would probably end up buying a pink toned shade to even out the tone of my face. Overall this a great powder foundation with great coverage - just google it and you'll find some with and without pictures that really shows how much it covers. Have you ever tried Lily Lolos powder foundation? Tell me what you think!