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Basically my week on instagram. I ended up taking a lot of photos this week, but since I hardly have found the time to spend on my blog I fixed this instagram collage together. As you can there is a lot of food pictures, I am currently trying to eat healthy and clean so that I can loose some extra pounds. I have been eating really bad lately and haven't felt good about it so that is why I update my instagram with healthy food pictures at the moment, to inspire myself and others to eat well. Otherwise it has only been lovely days in the sunshine for me. Today me and my boyfriend went to Körsbärsdalen (in swedish). It's a valley filled with cherry trees that blossom right now and you can see a few pictures from this spot above. The sun was shining and we weren't the only ones who thought of going there this sunday, the were lots of people there. We had brought food and had a little picnic below the cherry trees. Pretty sweet.