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After I first laid my eyes on this I fell in love, especially with the pink color. These tree colors are great for everyday use and it's a great palette because you can really create different looks with only tree colors. Wet n Wild have really pigmented eye shadows so these were definitely no disappointment. All the colors look lovely and as I stated above I really like the pink one, a sort of romantic blushy pink. The brown and the white one looks gorgeous as well. 

It's a small mini palette that is really cute and it comes with one applicator and a mini brush. I usually just use the applicator, the brush seems to have hairs coming off every time I use it which is a bit annoying.

The trio eye shadows are usually very cheap for such pigmented colors, but oh no, over in Sweden we triple the price. Heck yes. Lucky me I got this from my friend Tomi as a Christmas present after I'd happily stated that they sold Wet n Wild products where he worked. It's quite hard to find Wet n Wild products in Sweden, it hasn't really gotten here yet. That's why I was so happy that I found a reseller so close to where I live (which is out in nowhere). 

Overall I'm very happy about this small eyeshadow palette and I'd really wish to try out some other ones in the future.