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The Body Shop Body Mist in Vanilla

In the search of a vanilla scented perfume I stumbled upon the body mist from The Body Shop and had to buy it. This is the perfect vanilla scent, all the other ones I tried had the smell of alcohol in them and I didn't really like that. Although I know they would probably last longer, smell wise. But this one smelled sweet like vanilla and I love it so much.

As you can see this is the old plastic bottle, bought before the new lovely body mists were released. This mist has lasted a long time which I always love - even though I'm down to half the bottle. Since it comes in a plastic bottle it's great to put in your bag without having to worry about breaking any glass bottles. I wouldn't risk putting one of my new body mists in a bag, sometimes I throw my bags around too much and if there was to be a glass bottle in there it would be a sweet smelling mess. So no thanks. 

All I can say is that this is a lovely perfume/body mist thats smells all sweet and yummy. I really can't get enough of Body Shops body mists - they smell fabulous. My boyfriend thinks they smell yummy too :-)