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do it yourself: apple cider vinegar toner

I mix 1/3 apple cider vinegar, a few drops of tea tree oil and a few lemon drops with all together with some water to dilute it. This is important, otherwise it will be to concentrated. Here are the alleged benefits of these ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Has antibacterial properties that help prevent skin infections. Also helps balancing your skins pH levels so that it won't be too oily or to dry. When you wash your face it's very easy to strip your skin of its natural oils - ACV helps balance the pH level again. Can also help dimish scar discoloration.

Tea Tree Oil: This has antiseptic properties that help treat blemishes and its antibacterial properties control the formation of new ones.

Lemon: Help dimish discoloration caused my scars. Also has antibacterial properties to help prevent further breakouts. Can also slightly brighten the skin to show off a more healthy complexion.

Keep in mind that your experience may differ simply because we all have different skin that reacts differently. This toner gives me a smoother all over look to my skin.


A long lovely breakfast with homemade scones and fresh orange, carrot, ginger, lemon juice. I love to put everything on the table for breakfast and just eat, like a buffé.


Hello world! Sitting here by the computer - listening to The End Of The World by Skeeter Davis on repeat. Thinking about those darn packages that couldn't arrive in time. My sister and I took advantage of E.l.f.s 50% offer last weekend and gosh darn it, it couldn't arrive in time. Last night my boyfriend and I took the train back to his apartment, now I'll have to wait weeks before getting my hands on my stuff which I dislike very much. Grr. I'm also waiting on my package from iHerb to arrive, wont be getting my hands on that either for a while.. Sucks. Anyways, I'm scooping the internet for inspiration on how to decorate the apartment because in about a day it's off to IKEA. Hurrah! I am also reading a bunch of reviews at the moment - about a brand called Juice Beauty. Dying to try out this brand. Seriously. Iwanttotryitbecausetheysoundsogoodandtheyareorganic. There are a bunch of products I would want to try, but they are a bit on the expensive side unfortunately, so I won't be able to try everything. I believe I will have to keep some of their products on this years christmas wishlist. Have you tried any of the Juice Beauty products - if so, what did you think?