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One of my consistent favorite product from The Body Shop has been the body butter. They come in great variation of scents and they are all so fruity and fresh. I love the new labels of each product - it looks much better actually. This product contains Shea butter which is great for the skin. It doesn't become a sticky mess when you put it on your body, which is what i prefer. I hate when I put on lotion or body butter and it gets all sticky so that everything sticks to you. You're supposed to feel fresh and clean, not like you got a new fur because your pets leave hair everywhere. But this one melts into the body pretty quick so luckily I don't usually get a bunch of things sticking to me. As always when I write about Body Shop products I rave about the scent. Ah, the main reason why I buy their products. Fruitilicious smells. The satsuma smell is citrusy and fresh, love it. If I could I would buy every single one of them, but that would be a little over the top maybe. Or maybe not. *dreams*