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It's here, it's finally here. My order from was in the mailbox when I came home. I've been checking the mail early every day. That's what you do when you're waiting for a package to arrive - monitor the mailbox. This is one of the two lip products I ordered: The Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer. I've read about it so much and I always thought it was so pretty. A few days ago I decided that I need to try this one out and I'm glad I did. Such a perfect, pretty nude color with a hint of pink/peachy undertones so that it doesn't look like concealer. This also fits my lips very well, lipsticks tend to enhance my flaky lips which does not look well. But the lip lacquer does not make my lips look more flaky - which is a big plus + It doesn't feel sticky and stays on the lips for a good while. I really like this and I'm thinking about trying "Luna" as well. Do you own any of Rimmel's lip lacquers?