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My sister was desperately wanting a eyeliner pencil so she could get better at putting on eyeliner since she finds it hard. She ordered one from E.l.f. Cosmetics that was a real bargain. When I first saw this I was like: Oooh, such thin tip. The one I have from H&M has a much thicker tip and since there's not much left in it I'm on the hunt for a new pencil eyeliner. I'm sorry to say this pencil did not cut it for me. The first time I applied it, it was really great. Black and easy to work with, stayed on well for hours as well. The second time though, applying it wasn't going well. I don't really know what happened with it. The eyeliner wasn't applying to the eye and I got no black color whatsoever. Although afterwards I thought that the reason that it wasn't applying well was that I had put on some face oil earlier. Maybe this wasn't a good base. Well, the tip is really nice and thin. Hopefully you'll have better luck applying it than I did. On the first go, it felt like a really good eyeliner pencil. Try it out and see what you think.