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Makeup Academy 12 Shade Undressed Palette £4

This is the lovely Undressed Palette from MUA. It got this during my "eyeshadow period" when I was literally looking for new eyeshadows all the time - and also I really wanted the Urban Decay Naked Palette. A few of you may already know that the Undressed Palette have been compared to the Naked Palette a lot. The eyeshadow shades are dupes really, basically the same colors. But this palette is way cheaper than the Urban Decay one and since I didn't want to spend that much on a palette the Undressed Palette was perfect. 12 shades for £4, who can complain about that? Most of the shadows are really pigmented - the matte shades are sometimes hard to get a lot of color from. I really like the colors and I am overall pleased with this palette. The have a lot of different eyeshadow palettes on their website and I really want to try another one sometime. Thumps up for this cheap and great palette.