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These two pretty blushes are now in the hands of my sister who got them when we last ordered. I really wanted to try them myself because I've had an eye on the shade Glow for a while now. And it sure was pretty. So I laid my hands on these just to try them out and to do a face swatch for you. I end up never doing swatches. Fo shame.

I first tried the shade Glow  and I have to say I liked this one the best. It is a lovely peachy color that I really love, but the pigmentation wasn't as good as Innocent though. With Glow I had to do several strokes on my cheeks to get it visible. But the shade is gorgeous and I'm certain I will order it the next time I order from E.L.F.

Then there was Innocent, also a lovely shade but I personally think I look better in warmer colors. This is a pink shade with a cold undertone to it and the pigmentation of this blush was great. With only a few few strokes I got a lot of color showing. One thing I didn't like was that this blush got super messy in the container. I also didn't like the brushes that came with the blush, but hey, you can't really complain when the price is that great.