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A few weeks ago E.L.F. had free shipping for the weekend so I got all excited and wanted to try out some more lipsticks from the essential line. I already owned Sociable and Fearless and felt that these applied better then my mineral lipsticks from E.L.F. So I ordered three new ones. I love the new colors that I got and I was really excited to try Nostalgic and Captivating - they are my new favorites. The packaging of these lipsticks are really bad, I don't like the look of them at all. Somehow Captivating got pushed up and smooshed in the top which I wasn't too happy about. But you get what you pay for, the packaging may not be pretty but they are really cheap and the lipsticks are good. Though the lasting power of these lipsticks is so so.. Anyway I tried doing a lip swatch for you guys, I hope you enjoy it.