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 Me and my sister are big fans of Yves Rocher and their fresh products. My sister we're buying makeup and she was offered to buy a few things that they had a special offer on. So we decided to try the 3 Minutes Face Mask. When she bought one for herself she bought one for me to, I believe they we're half off in store at that time. Friendly sister! We both love lemon and I really like using freshly scented face products that feel natural to the face. This is a tiny tube of 50 ml - this has lasted me several uses and there's still about half left. This is one of the products that I regularly use for my face. I put this on once or twice a week when I feel in need of refreshing my face. Let's see what Yves Rocher say about this product on their website:

"Fresh and clean skin in 3 minutes. Sparkling pleasure for clean an purified skin in just 3 minutes. This facial gel mask with its fresh and luscious texture leaves a radiant glow on the skin. The purifying properties of lemon essential oil enliven the complexion with luminosity. The skin breathes! 

 The Plus: Its luscious and sparkling texture with purifying lemon essential oil.

- Tested under dermatological control
- Neutral pH"

It does leave my skin feeling clean and fresh, the scent also adds to the fresh feeling of this. It's a gel mask and you don't need a lot to cover the whole face. This cools the skin and doesn't dry. When washed up my skin tends to get a little dry in some places, but nothing major. Overall I'm pleased with this product and I would buy it again.