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I've been wanting to try a BB Cream for a while now so this is the first one I try. It's the BB Cream Foundation in shade Light from MUA. I got this when they had their Facebook offer with 40% off if I remember correctly. Pleasently surprised in fact - this actually has great coverage and makes the skin look even and nice. It looks natural, not cakey at all and applies lightly on the skin. The coverage on blemishes isn't very good though, you'll need concealer to cover red spots.
This is what it says on their website: "Inspired by Asian Beauty Balms, our brand new MUA BB Foundation is a full coverage foundation containing a multi-functional formula that conceals, brightens and evens out skin tone for a perfect complexion. Its great range of shades will adapt to suit all skin tones. Apply with a big dense brush and buff into the skin for the perfect flawless finish. Easily the hottest and best product in your handbag – it’s the perfect size too!"
The shade Light was perfect for my skin, I'm so pale. As you can see the foundation covers dark circles under the eyes, I didn't feel the need to put on concealer. The only thing negative about this that I can say is that it really felt like there was little product in the tube. This has gotten me more excited about BB Creams and I'd really like to try them out more. The price of this is so cheap, it's worth a go.