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I got this during a sale MUA had a while back and this has laying unused in my makeup bag until recently when I decided I have to start using my foundations. I have about four, five different foundations laying around not being used very much, so I decided I have to start using them if I want to buy any new foundation in the near future.

This blends really well into the skin and makes the skin look smooth and it also covers some red spots, but it probably wont cover everything. It has a bit of a matte finish if compared to other foundations, it's not as dewy. The shade Soft Sand suits my skin well at the moment, since it is becoming colder and my skin is getting brighter. This matches my skin very well but it does feel cakey - like a layer on the skin. Not very natural, but I have that feeling with most liquid foundations.

But I do use this as an everyday foundation because it evens out my skin to the amount that I am pleased with the result and covers some red marks and under eye circles. I personally like the BB foundation from MUA better though, because I think it gives a prettier finish. So it's next on the usng list.

Makeup Academy recently changed up their packaging and products - so I actually think this is on sale now for half the price. In their new range they have the Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation which I can only assume is a similar product. Overall I do enjoy using this foundation and the price is so great, you can't really complain.