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A while back I got a Christmas gift card at Make Up Store so I had to stock up on some of their great products. One of my picks was the Lipcare Mix - three easy steps to gorgeous lips.This is a lovely product and I always like the simple look of MUS products. They look nice and sleek. I used this frequently when I first bought it but it ended up in the bottom of my second makeup bag so I kinda forgot I had it until I dug it out of there. Now I will definitely use this on my dry lips this winter - I'm using lip balm all the time now. The Lipcare Mix is divided in three steps as listed below.

The Green Creme: This is for exfoliating the lips to get rid of dry flakes and make them smoother. It really does work great to get rid of flaky lips which I always am in need of during the cold long Swedish winters. This is a real savior.
The White Creme: Make your lips smooth and moisturized after exfoliating them. This keeps the lips smooth and keeps away dry flaky lips for sure. It's a great lip balm that does what it's supposed to. It also says on MUS website that it can be used to remove lipstick, haven't tried this myself though.
The Pink Creme: Last but not least - finish the look of your lips with a sweet pink shaded lip gloss that will make your lips look luscious.